I’m a Nontraditional Bride, Please Don’t Hate Me


Photo by Caitlin T Photography

I’ve been reading a good bit on OffBeatBride.com now that my SO and I have officially set our date and put a deposit down for our venue – Succop Nature Park (and it still gives me the “omg so completely, entirely gorgeous” reaction, though the website doesn’t truly show it**). We’ve been throwing our ideas back and forth for how we want our day to look and the structure of it and the events leading up to it and we’ve come to the conclusion that our day is going to be pretty nontraditional.

So, what’s nontraditional in this sense?

Well, one of the biggest things is that we’re having a civil-like ceremony filled with our own words and “scripture” of our own design. I love a section of Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie where Morrie gives his opinions on life and love, so we may have that read by one of our family members.

Secondly, we’re using e-invitations. Yes, email invitations, because who really cares about the paper kind? The envelope liner? The fancy ribbon that ties all your little bullshit cards together? COME ON. Paperless Post has these awesome options for 100 e-invites at $18. Hoo yah.

Next, we’re not having a bridal shower. Aside from the fact we’ve lived together for 2 years and have much of what we need, I HATE sitting around and watching brides open their presents. “Oh look, Aunt Sue, you gave me the exact same thing as Grandma…” Awkward, annoying, and just wrong. So, SO and I are going to have a family/meet-and-greet cook-out/picnic kind of thing. With outdoor games like corn hole, croquet… etc. The informality of it will be just right, especially since our families know each other, but they haven’t really been able to get together.

Now, to the “Please Don’t Hate Me” part of this issue:

I can’t tell you how many people are just enamored with the bridal traditions. Really. So many just love all the fuddy-duddy, senseless activities that take the focus off of the real reason that the special day is special. And I’m here to tell them all that they shouldn’t get their bridal garters in a bunch and that it’s okay to put a chip in the china.

To put it bluntly: it’s not your day. It’s our day. Love it for who we are and what it is.

**Some of these local photographers have profiled the space absolutely wonderfully: